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Unlock open-ended feedback while saving 10x the time

Ella is going to change the way you gather feedback.

Surveyees scan a QR code or click a link you send them and speak into their device's microphone. Ella then leverages AI to turn all your responses into text and creates quantified dashboards breaking results down by topics and themes.

Quick Submission

Ella's voice input core democratizes responses. Regardless of typing difficulties or time constraints, Ella gathers open-ended responses efficiently through voice note surveys.

Rapid Analytics

Our text processing AI means that all those hours spent in the past analyzing and categorizing open-responses are no more.

User-Friendly Interface

Survey platforms don't need 500 bells and whistles. Just a clean interface and powerful AI core to extract the insights you need.

Simplify Your Surveys & Deepen Your Insights

Speaking is the most natural form of communication - let's use it. Unlike open-ended surveys of the past, we encourage you to scale your survey to your heart's content. In fact, more responses just improves our AI's model meaning you get even more precise, quantified findings later on.

Already Collected Responses?

Chat With Us About Quantifying Your Data Using AI

If your organization has already collected open-ended responses or has a continuous survey currently deployed, chat with us about plugging in Ella's AI to cluster topics, quantify sentiments and more.

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